Humor om te lachen


Nav. het hele gedoe met Network Solution, de provider waar Geert Wilders zijn film Fitna wilde laten hosten, iemand die belde met Network Solution:

I also had endless fun talking with Networks Solutions this afternoon. I believe I also spoke to the aforementioned Shannon. I inquired legitimately as a potential customer who was interesting in launching a site exposing Left handed Lithuanians and their sacred religious texts. I was seeking legal guidance as to who I could offend and how much and whether potential violence on the part of the offendee would play any role in how fast my site was suspended pending review. I informed them that I had done extensive research on the violent tendencies of offended Lithuanians toward suicide hijackings, Chlorine truck bombings and beheadings and could assure them that none had been recorded. Alas I got no where, but much tongue in cheek fun was had by all.

[bron, in de comments]

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