Herinnert u zich de franse cartooncomedie nog, in het progressieve franse tijdschrift Charlie Hebdo? Momenteel is het filmfestival in Cannes in volle gang, en een van de highlights schijnt de franse comedy “C’est Dur D’etre Aime par des Cons” (It’s Hard Being Loved By Jerks) van Daniel Leconte te zijn. Dat is tevens de tekst die Mohammed op de bovenstaande cartoon uitspreekt. Dit is wat Time er over te zeggen heeft:

“Aside from being a tribute to the liberality of the French judicial system (at least on free-speech matters), It’s Hard Being Loved by Jerks is the briskest, most hilarious and, in its subversive way, most inspiring film so far at Cannes.” [bron]

De film gaan vrijdag in premiere. Niet dat ik in Cannes zit, maar ik kan niet wachten…

(Hieronder de synposis)


Because he had published the twelve Danish cartoons that had triggered the wrath of Muslims worldwide, Philippe Val, the editor of Charlie Hebdo, a French satirical newspaper, was cited to court by the Great Mosque of Paris, the World Muslim League and the Union of Islamic Organizations of France. Daniel Leconte has been covering this extraordinary trial in real time, aiming at deciphering the international political, ideological and media-related stakes with the key participants. The film features lawyers, witnesses, the media, editorial conferences, demonstrations of support… as well as the stances of intellectuals and politicians, the reactions of the prosecutors and of Muslim countries… A reflection on Islam, on the press, on the state of the public opinion in French society, but also an endeavor to answer the challenges that fundamentalism poses to all democracies. [bron]

Zie ook: hier.

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