The authority of the family institution

“As representatives of Christian religion in Bulgaria we want to express our deepest concern about the organising of gay parade in Sofia for a second year in a row” the letter said.

“Such parades discredit the authority of the family institution as a union between a man and a woman. By allowing the aggressive display and public parade of homosexual orientation and way of life, you put Bulgaria in serious danger” it said.

The example of The Netherlands and Scandinavian countries shows that the successful public campaign of homosexuals drastically undermines marriage as an institution”.

The letter quotes surveys showing that homosexuality harmed physical and mental health and had an impact on people’s life expectancy. […]

They said that the gay parade was an attempt to blur the boundaries between “normal” and “abnormal” behaviour. [bron]

2 gedachten over “The authority of the family institution

  1. Nog een hoop werk aan de winkel voor deze jaren 50-grrristenen. Misschien dat ze samen met de moslims kunnen gaan optrekken om die 21ste eeuw te gaan pakken?

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