“Live in the chicken run for a year”

I do not know how much it cost to make this year’s surprising hit comedy The Hangover, but it will have been several million dollars. None of that will have been recouped at the box office because the film stars no one you’ve ever heard of. But word of mouth means that some of the cash could be clawed back in DVD sales.

’Fraid not. Because this film is extremely popular with internet-savvy teenagers, it is being downloaded for nothing at an alarming rate. And, speaking as the host of the most illegally downloaded TV show in the world, I know how annoying this can be. It’s why I’ve explained to my kids that they can smoke, drink and push old ladies into boating lakes. But if they steal a song or a film, I will make them live in the chicken run for a year. [bron]

Jeremy Clarkson
Oh, en dan dit:

Only a few weeks ago my colleague James May scuttled off into a Romanian wood to have a pee, the event was captured on a phone and now it’s on the internet. And there is absolutely nothing he can do to have it taken off.

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