Supermassive black hole, lighter than air

Neutronium, or perhaps quark matter, may be the densest form of matter in the cosmos, but it is probably not what the densest object is made of. Compress a neutron star even further, and it will turn into a black hole. Not that all black holes are particularly dense: in fact the big ones, as measured by their event horizons, are quite tenuous. A supermassive black hole in the nearby galaxy M87 has a mass 6.4 billion times that of our sun but a density of only 0.37 kilograms per cubic metre, making it lighter than air. [bron]


4 thoughts on “Supermassive black hole, lighter than air

  1. Kan je iets meer toelichten hoe dat zit? De bron, newscientist, wil dat ik eerst inlog

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