“Everyone worked desperately… fighting fatigue and empty stomachs”

“People have been flaming Tepco but the staff of Tepco have refused to flee, and continue to work even at the peril of their own lives. Please stop attacking us. As a worker at Tepco and a member of the Fukushima No. 2 reactor team, I was dealing with the crisis at the scene until yesterday (Monday 14th March).

“In the midst of the tsunami alarm (last Friday), at 3am in the night when we couldn’t even see where we going, we carried on working to restore the reactors from where we were, right by the sea, with the realisation that this could be certain death. The machine that cools the reactor is just by the ocean, and it was wrecked by the tsunami.

“Everyone worked desperately to try and restore it. Fighting fatigue and empty stomachs, we dragged ourselves back to work. There are many who haven’t gotten in touch with their family members, but are facing the present situation and working hard. Please remember that. I want this message to reach even just one more person.

“Everyone at the power plant is battling on, without running away. To all the residents (around the plant) who have been alarmed and worried, I am truly, deeply sorry. I am writing my name down, knowing I will be abused and hurt because of this. [bron]

Michiko Otsuki, A female employee of the Tokyo Electric Power Co (Tepco).

Evacuated from Fukushima on March 14th, Michiko Otsuki began posting the blog below, in defence of her colleagues who remained behind at the plant, in danger.

The Straits Times, a Singapore newspaper, caught the blog before it was removed from the Japanese social networking site Mixi.


One thought on ““Everyone worked desperately… fighting fatigue and empty stomachs”

  1. Het valt me op dat er wereldwijd toch wel veel geruststellende uitspraken worden gedaan over deze ramp, ongeveer een beetje vergelijkbaar hoe de Nederlandse overheid omging met de ramp bij Moerdijk met Chemie-Pack. Daar hoor je nu ook weinig meer over. Het viel allemaal wel mee, kennelijk.
    Je kunt je afvragen of kritische kanttekeningen bewust gedownplayed worden. Maar hou wel in het achterhoofd dat de kernenergie lobby niet zit te wachten op slecht nieuws.
    De vraag gaat zich straks wel opwerpen of wij een kerncentrale willen hebben.


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