“Kurt Westergaard could be handed to Jordan for blasphemy trial”

This Danish newspaper article claims that if cartoonist Kurt Westergaard, who currently lives virtually as a prisoner in his own home where he has earlier been attacked with an axe by a Muslim man, can potentially be handed over to Jordan if he loses the blasphemy case against him there a few days from now. This is because of the European Arrest Warrant, which we warned against at the Gates of Vienna blog nearly 3 years ago. According to this Arrest Warrant, which very few Europeans have even heard of, a citizen of one European country can be handed over to another country if he is involved in a “serious crime” like racism. This was originally intended as an internal EU thing, but as Bat Ye’or keeps reminding us, these regulations are often expanded to include the EU’s Mediterranean “partners,” that is, the Muslim countries of the Middle East and North Africa, Jordan included. [bron]

Als het waar is, is dat natuurlijk te bizar voor woorden.


6 thoughts on ““Kurt Westergaard could be handed to Jordan for blasphemy trial”

  1. Ik ben nu 42 maar ik ben bang dat ik de aankomende Europese burgeroorlog nog zal meemaken.

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