“What are they trying to save?”

There are moments when we seem to lose all sense of proportion. Suddenly, for example, a wave of protest and superficial patriotism arose against the fact that the “foreigners” want to place their own technocrats in Greek tax offices, in the body that will be in charge of privatizations and in the state’s General Accounting Office. Are we really that proud? Are our tax offices and officials such paradigms of professionalism?

Greece is sinking because its politicians demolished the state so that they could govern as they willed and with impunity, together with the labor union leaders, party officials and entangled businessmen. It suited them that tax offices didn’t work because that allowed them to erase fines, order audits and enjoy a perfect relationship with the deep party- and union-driven state. [bron]

Alexis Papachelas, editor in chief of Kathimerini newspaper.

The country’s credibility in the European Union has been tarnished. Greek citizens are simply waiting to see the consequences of this amateurish — some people would say criminal — management of the current crisis, and of the nation’s future. Some might be tempted to instead put the blame on Samaras and his opposition conservatives. The premier, after all, has already chosen to do so. But, whether we like it or not, in a representative system like the one we have here, political power is exerted by the government in charge. […]

A tragic Papandreou on Wednesday transformed himself from politician into a fatal hero. [bron]

Costas Iordanidis


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