Dylan Avery (‘In plain sight’): 9/11 was NOT an inside job

But Avery’s faith in the theory, like the intensity of Bush hatred in the population generally, has faded with time. “Nobody really seems to care anymore,” he says. “I don’t know what it was, but I guess that climate of fear during the Bush administration, while it certainly was oppressive and made us feel like Big Brother was literally lurking around the corner, it got people off their ass. […]

After interviewing some of the Pentagon witnesses in person, Avery has even backed away from the stance that it was a missile and not a plane that hit the Pentagon. “It’s easy to come to conclusions when a) you don’t have a lot of information at your disposal and b) you haven’t had a chance to actually talk to people who were there,” Avery says.

What does Avery think of 9/11 conspiracy theories now? He thinks that while orchestrating the attacks was beyond the scope of the Bush administration, there was “considerable foreknowledge” within the government so that it should have been able to prevent them.  [bron]

Hoe zou Michael Moore er tegenwoordig over denken? Die dacht nl. in 2007 nog dat het een inside job was.


One thought on “Dylan Avery (‘In plain sight’): 9/11 was NOT an inside job

  1. Was toch een binnenkomertje om Irak en Afhanistan en Pakistan een kopje kleiner te maken en om de olie veilig te stellen onder de armen van de verkeerden!

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