Ron Suskind : The President Got Gamed By His Senior Advisers”

Het gaat dus over dit boek: Confidence Men.

The portrait of the Obama White House that the veteran journalist Ron Suskind draws in his searing new book, “Confidence Men,” is that of a young, inexperienced president lacking the leadership and managerial skills to deal effectively with the cascading economic problems he inherited; a brainy but detached executive with a tendency to frame policy matters intellectually “like a journalist, or narrator, or skilled observer”; an oddly passive C.E.O. whose directive on restructuring the banks in the wake of the 2008 financial crisis was, the author says, ignored or slow-walked by his own economic team.

Zie ook hier en hier.


One thought on “Ron Suskind : The President Got Gamed By His Senior Advisers”

  1. Die man kan zelfs een paard laten lachen!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Draaien en liegen en bedriegen gappen en neuken, dat is waar zij goed in zijn!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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