PVV rapport over EU komt eraan… “It will prove to be highly explosive material”

A few months ago, the PVV announced they had commissioned a report from British financial consultancy firm Lombard Street Research on the economic consequences of staying in the Eurozone versus returning to the guilder.

That report is about to be published “within days”. It will prove to be highly explosive material. And the PVV will do all it possibly can to make sure it receives a lot of media attention. It may tear down the incumbent government, which is a heavy advocate of all things Europe, and which will have to quit once the PVV support dies, but for that party that’s not the no. 1 concern. […]

Germany and the Netherlands are likely to quit the eurozone rather than swallow an indefinite number of ‘unrequited transfers’ to the union’s crisis-stricken nations, according to Charles Dumas, chief economist at Lombard Street Research.

Speaking at an event in central London, he said that before joining the single currency, German incomes had stayed level but their purchasing power had increased as the Deutschmark appreciated. With the weaker euro, the economist said, they have seen ‘tremendous’ wage restraint, leading to huge growth in German firms’ market share but ‘no serious growth of the economy’ and a squeeze on disposable incomes. Meanwhile, consumption rose elsewhere in the eurozone, he said.

‘So what you’re actually dealing with here… is a German population which has had a rotten deal – and that’s why they’re all so angry’ noted Dumas, who is also chairman of the macroeconomic forecasting consultancy. […]


He predicts the costs of a return to the guilder will be much less than for instance the Dutch government’s Central Planning Bureau claims, which warns of huge losses if Holland were to leave the Euro. [bron]

Video: Charles Dumas vs. Willem Buiter

2 gedachten over “PVV rapport over EU komt eraan… “It will prove to be highly explosive material”

  1. De PVV is ook een wolf in schaapskleren, had allang de stekker er uit moeten trekken. Het spreekwoord is veel beloven en weinig geven doet de gekken ( het volk ) in vreugde leven. Ik dacht dat het hier heel toepasselijk was, waar je ook op stemt, je wordt iedere keer voor het lapje gehouden. De politieke partijen is allemaal met het zelfde sop overgoten, komt er een door dan wordt hij omgelegd! Houdt ze dom en stom met de gecontroleerde media!

  2. Ik vraag mezelf af in wiens belang al deze heisa is, ben er niet helemaal zeker van of het mijn belang dient.

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