Alexis Tsipras geeft EU laatste waarschuwing

If we are once again pushed and blackmailed into an austerity program that has so obviously failed, then it won’t be long before Greece is in fact no longer capable of paying its creditors. The result will be a halt in payments, one into which we were practically forced. This would not only be dangerous for Greece, but for the entire European economy. These days, the financial systems of all countries are so closely intertwined with each other that one can’t limit the crisis geographically. It’s a problem of all countries and of all national economies. [bron]

Alexis Tsipras, head of the leftist Syriza party.


One thought on “Alexis Tsipras geeft EU laatste waarschuwing

  1. Alleen een vrije handelassociatie en verders niets, wij de gulden en zij de drachma! Die kletsverhalen van onze Jan Kees de Draaier zijn wij zat!

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