Pat Condell: Singling out a billion Muslims


2 thoughts on “Pat Condell: Singling out a billion Muslims

  1. As always….well done Pat. Radical Muslims are raging and killing for only just -hearing- a fart from the Pope. These dark ages-monkeys should be locked up in a spaceship and send directly to hell…but at the moment they are trying to kill and wiped out themself (Syria).

  2. The speech is not bad, but for the elections next year I can tell you that if he wins, the next Dutch parliament won’t last long. Nobody in in politics here wants to govern with his party.Quite frankly, most of his ideas will never succeed, especially the ones with that special tax, to cut or to stop giving money to under developed countries and to stop immigration from non-western countries. I totally agree with the second idea, the last idea is not enough, we should close the borders for 5 years for EVERY immigrant, kick out every illegal immigrant and make sure that the leftovers integrate into society and if they don’t they must be send away too….but the left wing is way to powerful in this country, because it’s so soft. The right is to weak, because it’s to extreme.Wilders is a man with many enemies and believe me, when he gets killed, there might be riots….riots against muslims.

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